WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS  is a new very immersive and unique WW1 flight simulator.

"...an incredibly polished, satisfying and at all times a frighteningly real and believable World War 1 aerial experience....a unique and excellent single player campaign with Intelligent AI,
both amongst the very best I’ve experienced."
     - Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad,  SimHQ review.  

"...OBD Software Raises The Bar for WWI Air Combat Simulation!"
"...WOFF deserves to be in at least the top ten 'Best Combat Flightsims' - ever." 
- 33Lima, Combat Ace review.

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WOFF NEW PRICE $49.99 (taxes)



Wings: Over Flanders Fields Wings: Over Flanders Fields

Some new screenshots from users in our forum showing 3D bump mapping and Self-Shadowing mod by AnKor! We hope to integrate directly into WOFF when completed - see News section for more.   
To try the latest Beta version of AnKor's mod see our User Mods page!. 

Some great pics in the gallery!


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The new Features section has full details of some of our massive list of new features to enjoy.   

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14 April 2014





About WOFF...

'WOFF' puts you right in the seat in an open cockpit over "The Front" and immerses you in World War One more than ever, probably more than any other flight simulator.

Fall deeper into WWI and totally immerse yourself!  Many new features have been written from the ground up.

With brand new AI and new outcomes data you can really watch your fellow pilots rise and fall. Can you get your victory list to climb?  Can you stay alive and keep your squad alive through the mayhem?  Fail and see the results affect your Squadron, Jasta or Escadrille.  Keep them alive and watch their morale and victories rise.

Experience a true deeply immersive dynamic campaign system full of history and detail - sign up today !   

'WOFF' is a utter and total transformation of Combat Flight Simulator 3 into a beautiful, unique WW1 simulator!   See the brand new AI fight or escape in true WW1 manoeuvres and behaviour!
See the incredible list of included Features!


 14 April 2014: CombatAce.com released a new video for Wings: Over Flanders Fields.

 Many thanks to the team at Combat Ace.



Many enjoy WW1 flight sims for the history too, but we all enjoy a good dogfight! WOFF has all this with great historical detail, great graphics, and superb AI pilots.  From visuals (more soon) to game play, just about every feature has been designed and improved for more immersion.




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 11 April 2014 WOFF V1.22 is
 now available - see Downloads.

 10 April  2014
 CombatAce Review Part 4

 04 April 2014 WOFF is available
 at a NEW PRICE! ONLY $49.99

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5 Star Combatace.com award5 Star Combatace.com award


See more Movies by Hellshade in the Gallery!  Here's one showing WOFF using AnKor's new D3D9 Self Shadowing (and more) mod;


Remember to increase the youtube resolution when playing.



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Latest happy user comments:

Wodin: on Simhq
"I've been playing since I bought it and I have to say I love it..more so than any other sim I've played and I've played a fair few over the years. Two words come to kind when I'm flying..immersion and scale..it's epic compared to other sims.

No longer will people need to refer to Red Baron as the ultimate immersive sim..this beats it hands down"


See "My scrap with Jasta 11 & The Red Baron"  great immersion post from TailSpinner.


For WOFF users interested in learning more about WW1 aviation history:


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