Immersive, Epic and Unique WW1 flight simulation for PC!

'WOFF' is a total transformation of Combat Flight Simulator 3
into a beautiful and unique WW1 simulator! 

 But don't just take our word for it...      
NEWS FLASH:  24 Mar 2015:  A new glowing review of WOFF at ArmchairGeneral.com! "Simply put, Wings Over Flanders Fields is the upgraded edition of what is arguably the best World War I flight simulator on the market. "      - Richard A Martin, ArmchairGeneral.com.

 5 Mar 2015: WOFF makes PC GAMER's's  
The 20 best wargames of all  time
  :  "WOFF brings the 1914-18 air war to life more successfully than any of its peers."                       
  - Tim Stone,  PCGamer.com.

"Incredibly polished ...    a frighteningly real and believable World War 1 aerial experience ...   a unique and excellent single player campaign with Intelligent AI,  both amongst the very best I’ve experienced." 

                            - Jens 'McGonigle' Lindblad, SimHQ.


5 Star Combatace.com award5 Star Combatace.com award

WOFF Expansion (v2.0) user made movies
   by  Hellshade, Nefaro and others posted on
   our forum:
Movie below with SweetFX, ArisFuser's
    Archie Mod and AnKor's latest beta DX9 shader mod)
"I've also flown Knights of the Sky, FE1  & RoF and WOFF batters them all into submission.
 It's not just the greatest sim I've flown...it's probably my greatest game I've ever played, a mindblowing piece of work"                   
- Adger, Combat Ace review (part 4).

"wow, this is incredible! .. (AI) is some of the best I've seen in a flight simulator" - Dom Smith, Flightsim.com.

"WOFF deserves to be in at least the top ten 'Best Combat Flightsims' - ever"    "OBD Software Raises The Bar for WWI Air Combat Simulation!"       - 33Lima, Combat Ace review.
See our Reviews page for more information
User Reviews page. 
See the incredible list of  included Features!
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WOFF Expansion"WOFF EXPANSION PACK" is now available!

This is a brand new release for WOFF
1.x which expands and upgrades WOFF with new content and right up to date to version 2.0. It offers so much ! This pack expands WOFF with 9 new aircraft including Zeppelins and Gothas!, Adds new features, new 3D graphics and options to control them, and new realtime cloud shadows, superb terrain ligting, more campaign features and detail and much more.  MORE IMMERSION?- You have it in the WOFF Expansion!    NOW IMMERSION-PLUS !

Also includes "TERROR OVER ENGLAND" - a historical and dynamic campaign! Fight to defend England from Zeppelin and Gotha bomber raids, raids happen on historical dates and you have to try to stop them in your assigned Home defence aircraft! With several aircraft well worth adding to your WOFF collection!  

                                               * * *  You need WOFF 1 to use this! * * *

See the WOFF Expansion Feature list for more, and the BUY NOW pages to purchase.  

NEW USERS CAN ALSO CURRENTLY PURCHASE WOFF V1.0 MAIN PRODUCT AT A NEW SPECIAL LOW PRICE $29.99 to enjoy the WOFF experience, before buying WOFF Expansion 2.0 for even more immersion!

                * * * * * Please read the Requirements page fully before purchase.   * * * * *

The new Features section has full details of some of our massive list of new features to enjoy.

As of 4th August 2014 the WW1 Centenery is now underway officially (in the UK at least) so what better time to explore WW1 in the Air with WOFF!  To mark this occasion there are some photos of new some of the new aircraft and addons in the works - Nieuport 10 C.I. and Zeppelin R type (exploding) and more on the gallery page !

See below for more !





About WOFF...

'WOFF' puts you right in the seat in an open cockpit over "The Front" and immerses you in World War One more than ever, probably more than any other flight simulator.

Fall deeper into WWI and totally immerse yourself!  Many new features have been written from the ground up.

With brand new AI and new outcomes data you can really watch your fellow pilots rise and fall. Can you get your victory list to climb?  Can you stay alive and keep your squad alive through the mayhem?  Fail and see the results affect your Squadron, Jasta or Escadrille.  Keep them alive and watch their morale and victories rise.

Experience a true deeply immersive dynamic campaign system full of history and detail - sign up today !   

'WOFF' is an utter and total transformation of Combat Flight Simulator 3 into a beautiful, unique WW1 simulator!   See the brand new AI fight or escape in true WW1 manoeuvres and behaviour!   See the incredible list of included Features!



AnKor DX9 shadowing and shaders ModMany enjoy WW1 flight sims for the history too, but we all enjoy a good dogfight! WOFF has all this with great historical detail, great graphics, and superb AI pilots.  From visuals (even more in WOFF Expansion!) to game play, just about every feature has been designed and improved for more immersion.

Here's a test picture, Ankor is working on an improved version of his DX9 shaders mod notice the beautiful cloud and tree shadows (currently in WOFF EXpansion) but also the new soft horizon effect - wonderful!

This update hopefully coming soon to WOFF !

Want to see that in action?  Then see the NEWS section for a video by Hellshade showing the new effects off!

There's also a movie at the very top of this page showing this :) 



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24 March 2015:   A new review of WOFF at ArmchairGeneral.com "Simply put, Wings Over Flanders Fields is the upgraded edition of what is arguably the best World War I flight simulator on the market." 

5 March 2015: Praise indeed !
WOFF listed in  PC GAMER's's
"The 20 Best wargames of all time"
28 February 2015: Bletchley Mod 4.205 updated see User Mods Section

23 February 2015  UPDATE v2.05
The latest update patch version 2.05 released for WOFF EXPANSION - please see

WOFF v.1.0 Special Offer [Extended!] now $29.99*!. 
 See Buy Now

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