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16th September 2015






PC GAMER's: The 20 best wargames of all time
"WOFF brings the 1914-18 air war to life more successfully than any of its peers."   
                            - Tim Stone,  PCGamer.com
"Incredibly polished ...    a frighteningly real and believable World War 1 aerial experience ...    a unique and excellent single player campaign with Intelligent AI,  both amongst the very best I’ve experienced." 
                           - Jens Lindblad, SimHQ.com

    WINGS: Over Flanders Fields is no.13 in
The 25 Best Simulation Games Ever Made!
                            -  rockpapershotgun.com
"WOFF deserves to be in at least the top ten 'Best Combat Flightsims' - ever"       
                           - 33Lima, Combat Ace review

 "Simply put, Wings Over Flanders Fields is the upgraded edition of what is arguably the best World War I flight simulator on the market." 
           - Richard Martin, ArmchairGeneral.com

Wow, this is incredible! .. (AI) is some of the best I've seen in a flight simulator"
                              - Dom Smith Flightsim.com

I've also flown Knights of the Sky, FE1  & RoF and WOFF batters them all into submission.
 It's not just the greatest sim I've flown...it's probably my greatest game I've ever played, a mindblowing piece of work" 
          - Adger, Combat Ace review (part 4) 


Directly below are s
creenshots taken from
Add-On 2
BALANCE OF POWER  for WOFF 2.  Latest 'skins' made by Mike "Sandbagger" Norris for the Nieuport 10 CI aircraft found in the Add-On. This is Guynemer's personal aircraft colours:

only $49.99* when bought together.
Over 65 FLYABLE aircraft! Complete with historical squads, airfields and detail - immense value!

See Features for more!
See BUY NOW for more details.





6 new aircraft: 
Nieuport 10 CI fighter, 
Pfalz E.III fighter, 
Pfalz AI 2 Seater,
Nieuport  27 (2 variants)) 
Albatros D.I. 

Also comes with over 200 historical aircraft skins and historically researched squads.

See BUY NOW Page for details.
(note: requires WOFF EXPANSION)

Below screenshots from BALANCE OF POWER
show some of the available aircraft;
 the Nieuport 27 (British single gun version)
and the Pfalz
EIII fighter:
Wings: Over Flanders FieldsWings: Over Flanders Fields   Nieuport 27 in balance of PowerPfalz EIII in Balance of Power


WOFF EXPANSION is now available!

This is a brand new release for which expands and upgrades WOFF with new content and
 updates WOFF to version 2.0.  It offers so much! This pack expands WOFF with 9 new
aircraft including Zeppelins and Gothas!


WOFF Expansion also updates WOFF to V2 .0, and includes Terror Over England campaign!

WOFF Expansion is now available!   See Features page for more info.

Wings: Over Flanders Fields Wings: Over Flanders Fields Wings: Over Flanders Fields

WOFF EXPANSION expands and upgrades WOFF with new content and updates WOFF to version 2.0 and offers so much! This pack expands WOFF with 9 new aircraft including Zeppelins and Gothas!, adds new features, new 3D graphics rendering and options to control them, including new realtime cloud shadows, new superb terrain lighting. It also includes more campaign features and detail and much more.

MORE IMMERSION?- You have it in the WOFF Expansion!

Also includes "TERROR OVER ENGLAND" - a historical and dynamic campaign! Fight to defend
England from Zeppelin and Gotha bomber raids, raids happen on historical dates and you have to try to stop them in your assigned Home defence !

MAIN PRODUCTS available:
- WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS  1  ( Known as  "WOFF 1" )
- Add-On 1 "The Fokker Scourge"
- Add-On 2 "Balance of Power"

and others see the Expansion Features page and  BUY NOW for details.



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Wings: Over Flanders Fields   Cavalerie57 our screenshot winner 2015 !


16 September 2015

New WOFF Bundle is available. WOFF1 and WOFF2 saving you money See Buy Now.


15 September 2015
WOFF v1.27 is now available for WOFF 1 users for WINDOWS 10 compatibility. See Downloads
 WOFF 2 is already compatible!

See WOFF 2 Downloads section for more info

26 August 2015
Added WOFF V2.11 Modded FM's by Robert Wiggins. See User Mods page

16 August 2015
WOFF User MODS page was updated check it out for what is new.

23 July 2015
WOFF v2.12 is released - a new update available for WOFF Expansion!

Also not to be outdone, a new update (v5.0) for Add-On #2 Balance Of Power has been released.


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